Jul 30, 2013

Summary of the Fun Maker Party Event in Bonny island - Nigeria

Mozilla Webmaker campaigns kicked off this summer with a wide range of projects and events planned to bring out the creative spirit, promote collaborative learning and teaching of web technologies. As always, the ultimate goal is grow the next generation of webmakers.

#Teachtheweb did a great job at preparing mentors for the Summer long Maker Party events that were hosted in almost every corner of the earth - From Maker party events hosted in India, US, and Kenya and more scheduled, the Mozilla Nigeria Community had to join in the Fun learning experience.

Summary of MakerPartyNigeria event in Bonny Island.

Planning for this maker party event started a month ago, venue was set, Invitations ready and sent, swag requested and date fixed for Saturday 27th July 2013.
The Maker party event was hosted in Bonny Island, Rivers state by a Mozilla Rep Soki Briggs had in attendance a total of 12 people (5 brave girls) mostly from the IT department of Bonny Vocational Centre.

I started out by talking about Mozilla's mission, Projects and Local communities before diving into the reason we have gathered today "Maker Party" and the Theme for our event "Creating web solutions to real life problems".

I gave examples of how the web has been used to solve problems and divided participants into groups to come up with their own ideas of what problem they would want to solve using the web.
After 10 Minutes of discussions, each group shared their ideas and we discussed the possibility of using HTML and CSS to create a prototype of the solution. Some ideas were too Big for us to handle and required more than just HTML and CSS.

Some ideas suggested by participants:

- A Page that educates the public about Road traffic signs and how to drive safely.
- A page for everyone to evaluate the performance of public office holders, criticize and rate them via comments.
- A Page to help a Local Business get Online, and include Directions (map) and Video.

The Makes of the Day:

Participants were later introduced to Thimble and all created a Persona account to save makes.
We talked about Basic HTML Structure, CSS and then Making process began.We took breaks to drink, eat some snacks and shared Maker Party Cake!
The Mozilla Developer Network references really helped us make our ideas come alive by showing Elements, attributes and their correct usage.

Here are some of the Makes that were submitted:
  1. https://biensybien.makes.org/thimble/road-accidents
  2. https://godsgreat.makes.org/thimble/traffic-congestion
  3. https://prettymona.makes.org/thimble/road-accidents
  4. https://mattmaik.makes.org/thimble/insecurity-in-nigeria-web-solution
  5. https://jcdlight.makes.org/thimble/friendly-governance-forum
  6. https://briggz5d.makes.org/thimble/the-awesome-profile-of-maryann
  7. https://jksontrust.makes.org/thimble/specng-nigeria-ltd

More Pictures from the Event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mozillanigeria/sets/72157634840366379/with/9399053043/

A few makes were limited by the fact that Javascipt does not run on thimble so the comment boxes added showed errors. Personally, i think Jackson Trust (7th) did the best job editing a Video with Popcorn and adding Map to his Make.

We set out to learn, make and Have fun and Yes we achieved all three goals.

Thanks to all who showed up, Idanye Timothy for helping with the event planing, Spec NG for the venue, Tammy for the Cake and Mozilla for making this possible.
See you all next time.

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