Apr 2, 2013

Hurray! Mozilla Celebrates 15 years of a Better Web.

Mozilla at 15
For 15 Years, Mozilla has been promoting a culture of openness, innovation and creating opportunities. Making the web a better place for people to come and build their dreams.

This Week, Mozilla invites you to join in celebrating its 15 year anniversary.
In a Mozilla Blog post - 3 ways of celebrating this anniversary are suggested, but i know there are wild MozParties, HackAtons and other events planned by Reps and Mozilla Communities.

Here are the suggestions:
  • Read 15 Facts about Mozilla: Visit the Mozilla Contribute page http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contribute/ and read 15 awesome facts you probably didn't know about Mozilla.
  • Tweet your #Webstory: Mozilla would love to hear about what Firefox and Mozilla means to you. How you've been contributing to making the web a better place.
    Send your Tweets with the Hashtag - #Webstory and they will be replied or retweeted by @Mozilla and @Firefox accounts.
  • Make your Webstory: Got webmaking Skills or Not - You should tryout these Webmaker Projects listing your favorite things About the web.
    Or make a Video.

Being a Mozilla Volunteer is one of the Best things that has ever happened to me.
Big Shoutout to the Growing Mozilla Nigeria community.

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