Feb 9, 2013

About the #MozCoffeeNG event in Port harcourt

The Mozilla Nigeria Community organized its first MozCoffee yesterday 8th February 2012 at Silver-bird Galleria Port Harcourt with the harsh tag #MozCoffeeNG
The main Goal was to review community activities in 2012, meet new contributors, bring everyone upto speed on current Mozilla projects and set achievable goals for 2013.

When invited contributors finally arrived and introductions were made, i hacked a slide from the Mozilla Style Guide which showed the Agenda, Mozilla's Mission and Objectives.
I also Introduced new contributors to different Mozilla projects (Localization, SUMO, REMO, Student reps, Testing, Webmaker) and ways they can get involved.

We talked about Firefox Flicks, Firefox OS, the ongoing Firefox OS App days and the need to get developers involved in the community.

A participant expressed her concerns about the slow pace at which the Mozilla Nigeria community is growing, she highlighted the need for more active contributors, reps and student reps in other parts of the country and more events.

The name "MozCafe" is preferred since no coffee drinking was involved

Big thanks to Esther Bawo for her efforts in making the event possible and Silver bird for hosting us. Too bad the webmakers in Bonny Island couldn't attend the event - There's always next time.
Some event Pics 

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