Dec 16, 2012

The DNS Chat

Computers connected to the internet or Private network Identify themselves with Internet protocol Addresses (IP), e.g

But as we use different internet resources every day, typing In the Browser address bar is hard to remember and that's where DNS comes in. It is a domain name system that translates user-friendly Domain names into IP addresses to locate resources on the internet.

Example:  The Domain name when translated by DNS helps locate the server ( on which the queried resources is stored.

I always wondered how it is possible for the DNS server to immediately Locates Host assigned to domain names - turns out DNS is not a single central registry rather, there are authoritative name servers all over the world and domain name registrars who maintain an update the master record for domains.

I wrote this to learn a little more about how DNS works and hope you have too.
To read more about DNS See this Wikipedia Article about DNS.

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