Dec 11, 2012

School Of Webcraft - HTML By Hand Task

iHate My writing

Some people remember codes easier when handwritten - I think that is the aim of this task.
After writing 3 draft copies, i got one worthy of posting (with some errors)

I Originally posted The Webmaker 101 Introduction at Ngbuzz Forum Using SMF.
But I'm i'm gonna need a Content management system that supports HTML, so i'm using Blogger now..


  1. You did good... not too many mistakes at all.

  2. Very good work Joel. You are a quick learner. I have a feeling you have prior experience in web design or development?

  3. nice handwriting!Keep on keepin on!

  4. Very Nice. Your handwriting is not all that bad actually.

  5. Good stuff man. Actually some of the best handwriting I've seen...unlike mine.... hahahahah

    Keep it up bro!

    You can find mine at

    thanks man!