Dec 11, 2012

Notepad++ The Text Editor that chose me :D

Text Editors - A Coders' best weapon used to express thoughts and ideas
Different Operating systems have pre-installed Text Editors which can perform basic functions, but there are advanced text editors which can do so much more than edit text.

The P2PU task has suggested some OS specific Text editors user can try out and select what works best for them. I've had Notepad ++ Installed on my Microsoft Windows Operating system when playing around with python, and it soon became my favourite webpage / template editing tool.

I Love the fact that Notepad ++ is A Free and Open source Software and has other amazing features like Syntax Highlighting, Autoword Completion, Customizable GUI, Tabbed Interface and so much more.

I can't say Notepad ++ is the best weapon for every coder, but so far, it has been my best!

Want to download your copy of Notepad++  follow this Link > Download Notepad++ <

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