Dec 17, 2012

Hosting and DNS

In My last blog post i talked about how DNS works, and in this post i'll talk about selecting the right Web Host.

If you're new to these terms, a Web-host is A server where your web content will be stored and made available at all times. Selecting the right webhost is crucial to the success and smooth operation of any website so this process should be carefully researched.

Features i look out for when selecting a web-host.

  1. Up-time: Some web-host are plagued with Downtime. They're always resolving one issue or another, so this will mean your website will not be accessible while they try to fix whatever went wrong.
    They all Promise 99% Up-time in their flashy adverts that is why prospective customers must find this out from others already using their service.
  2. Price: Everyone wants to pay Less for more, but Web-hosts are also in this business to gain Profits.
    Comparing prices from different web-hosts and the services they offer is a good way to tell if you're being ripped off.
  3. Customer Service: You will run into road blocks and will certainly need assistance from your webhost to fix problems. How Fast can they Get back to you? How fast can they resolve your problem? This is very important when choosing a webhost, you'll have to learn this from an existing customer of that webhost.
  4. Services:  I Always wanted to Get Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Database, email accounts, Subdomains, Cpanel etc - Some webhost promise all this but cannot deliver. So be careful.
My first website was ignorantly registered with a RESELLER who didn't know what he was doing. cost me 4 months of hard work, then i moved to another host

This is a Blogger hosted domain and after paying for the domain name, the following settings and emails sent by google helped me get things working (See image)

Step 1. I entered Google IP provided in my Enom Domain settings
Step 2. Enter domain name redirection settings In Blogger.

These are all local Host that accept my local currency (Naira) that is why i dont go for the big names like Godaddy, and Hostgator. So far Trudigits have done a great job for two years and i hope it continues.

I hope this helps you make a good decision when selecting a web host.

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