Dec 15, 2012

Gone HTML Hunting - Be back in 10 Minutes

I was supposed to walk around looking to take snapshots of things in my area i can relate to the HTML hunting task in P2PU, but i have a faulty Camera (My iPhone survived a Swim).
Rather i found some pictures on my phone i could use instead.

I found lots of  CSS and HTML tags but here are few that relates to this task:

My Office
 I see  <p> <span>  and <div> tags.  Can also quote <q> the chair :D.

My Phone
The Icons on the phone can be <img> arranged in <ul> or <ol> with <li>  or all indented with <blockquote> <p>.
I saw a Road sign that could be a <nav>.
Does anyone know where to use <menu>? I couldn't figure that one out.

ooh i wish i could talk about the background, padding, color and other stuff, but we'll get there soon enough

PS: I found and Corrected an Error on the Mozilla Developer document.
I fixed the examples in the <time> element -

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