Sep 2, 2012

Today's Humour

Totally ignore the title of this posts, i didn't know what else to call it.. Rather take a look below at the content and say something about it..

So i know i've been posting lots of Geeky and tech related stuff all last week and will probably continue on Monday.. but for now.. lets mix it up a little Bit with some laughs.
See the Pictures after the read More Jump

Got this one off twitter - from @GbemiOO
A Classic of jealousy gone wrong - that's why most Boyfriends / Girlfriends don't let their other half follow their activity on social media

Facebook and relationships
To like picture sef na problem

The second picture i found on Facebook from Orji's wall...
I have a Big head and do appreciate it but DAMN....This one pass head Oh

Biggest head you have ever seen
Head Of State

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