Sep 2, 2012

Random Thoughts - What would happen if you did this...

I say  or write only 10% of what I'm thinking... This final 10% has gone through rigorous selection phases, and censorship precess all within seconds. - Sometimes, the output is 0% - that's when you see me stuck in an awkward position staring into nothingness(rebooting).

Under Normal circumstances, you're not supposed to know this information i just revealed -

But since i'm introducing this new Group of posts that will be tagged "RANDOMS" It's only fair that you're informed of the circumstances surrounding the generation of these Random thoughts.
Homar Simpson

A Random thought defies the proper order of things explained in the first paragraph. It is not selected, filtered or censored - More like a Sneeze. Totally unplanned and unstoppable.

I know i'm not the only one - You too can send in your sick and twisted random thoughts via the contact us page.

Random Thought

I'm really curious to know the answer to this but not stupid enough to try it myself lol..
What would Happen if YOU walk in to a banking hall empty handed... raise both hands in the hair and scream out loud - GIVE ME 5 MILLION -
Use the comment box below to post your replies or a good Samaritan can summon courage and put this experiment to the test

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[Image credits: Sousa919]

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