Sep 7, 2012

Mobstac on Blogger not redirecting to New URL? Here's a Quick Fix

Yesterday the Mobile Version of was successfully Upgraded to with the help of mobstac mobile theme which is more customizable, i also documented to simple process that can enable a Mobile friendly version of your Blog with Mobstac (Better than Mobile Blogger)

After completing the process of pasting the Mobstac code in my Template <Head>, was working but users were still being redirected to the default blogger mobile theme

I Could have just asked the Mobstac support but here's what i did:

Mobstac not redirecting to Mobile theme? (still shows default blogger theme)

The Simple solution to this is "Disable Blogger default Mobile Template from dashboard" (Mobstac should have mentioned this very important step during installation because a lot of bloggers already have default mobile theme turned on.
  • Log into Blogger Dashboard and Click Template
  • Click the Sign  under MOBILE >>> To Turn off Blogger Default Mobile template, select
    NO. Show desktop template on Blogger Mobile (See image)
    Mobstac installed but redirecting to blogger default template
    Need More Customization options? Check the Mobstac Tips Label

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