Sep 9, 2012

Manual Settings for GPRS Internet, WAP, MMS Configuration on Etisalat Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and Glo Nigeria

Most smartphones are automatically configured to access the internet and WAP Over the Air(OTA). Other phone users might need to manually enter the Network specified settings to gain internet connection.
Here are the Settings for Glo, Airtel, MTN, and Etisalat that can usually should be set at >>. Settings >> Connectivity settings >> Data Accesspoints >> Add New Access point

Manual Internet, WAP and MMS Settings for Etisalat Nigeria 

Etisalat Internet Settings
 •  Account Name   =    Etisalat Internet
 •  Username   =    (Please leave it blank)
 •  Password   =    (Please leave it blank)
 •  Access Point Name (APN)   =    etisalat
 •  Home Page   =

WAP Settings
 •  Account Name   =    Etisalat WAP
 •  IP Address   =
 •  Port   =    8080
 •  Username   =    (Please leave it blank)
 •  Password   =    (Please leave it blank)
 •  Access Point Name (APN)   =    etisalat
 •  Home Page   =

MMS Settings
 • Name of MMS service on the handset   =    Etisalat MMS
 • MMS Gateway IP Address   =
 • Gateway Username   =    (Please leave it blank)
 • Gateway Password   =    (Please leave it blank)
 • MMS URL/Home page   =
 • Access Point Name (APN)   =    etisalat
 • Port   =    8080

***Note: No username and password are required for etisalat data settings

How to Setup AIRTEL INTERNET Access

There are two ways of setting up airtel internet on your phone

1. Over The Air configuration (Automatic)
To Automatically Recieve Airtel Internet settings OTA (Automatic) Configuration Send an SMS with the text INTERNET and your phone model to 232.
For example, for Nokia 9300i: Send internet nokia 9300i to 232.
When your settings arrive choose the option to save it. If prompted for a PIN, use 0 (zero). If prompted for a longer pin use 0000.
To push settings to your phone, Click on the link --> PUSH SETTINGS from your mobile phone

2. Manual configuration
Using Manual Configuration Use the parameters listed below to manually configure your handset. You will still need to send the keyword internet to 232 to activate full internet access on your device.

Airtel Settings for WAP over GPRS
Homepage  (not important)
Access point:
Authentication: Normal

 MTN Nigeria Internet Manual Configuration

To manually Configure your mobile phone for internet access On the MTN Nigeria Network - input the following:

Account name: MTNWAP
Access Point (APN):
Username: wap
password:  wap
Authentication: Normal
Proxy Address: (Leave Blank)
Proxy Port:       (Leave Blank)

Glo Nigeria Internet manual Configuration

Name                                   Glo Direct
Access Point Name (APN     glosecure
Username         gprs
Password         gprs
Authentication Type      Normal or PAP or CHAP or PAP+CHAP (parameter
varies depending on the type of device)

To get Glo GPRS Settings automatically pushed to your Mobile phone, enter the phone number here

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