Sep 1, 2012

How to Bypass Blocked Content on your Internet Network Firewall Using Ultra Surf

So this week the Hotspot manager in my town decided that Youtube Video Streaming and downloading files with .exe extension are the two main reasons why his internet service is slow - Using MikroTik OS x86 as gateway, he created firewall rules blocking Any Video stream and any .exe file download.

I agree with him because when one user streams a youtube video, the 65kbps network slows down to 20kbps.
Yesterday i had an urgent need to download Microsoft Essentials 64bit version(.exe) for a clients PC, I was left with No Choice but to ignore the firewall rules using a software that terrorized MTN firewalls back in the day till they found a way to block it too.

Internet Anonymity
Internet Anonymity                       Photo by Pierre Selim

This is an Internet Freedom tutorial which will cover downloading and using Ultrasurf.
It is a program that tunnels through firewall so that you can view material, websites, information which normally wouldn't be available where you're accessing the internet from. Ultra surf also protects your privacy by hiding your IP address(Internet Protocol) and immediately deleting your internet history, browsing history and cookies after you exit the program.(Very popular in Asia where Government Internet censorship is "Normal").. So lets get started.

Downloading and Using Ultra Surf

First thing we're going to do is get the program from this website and click on the Download menu - Here's a direct download Link to UltraSurf 12.03 

It is a Zipped file so you'll need to extract it to an easily accessible location (i.e Desktop or Thumb drive)
It is a self contained program - What this means is that you don't have to Install it, it runs without adding extra files to your computer.

One of the great things about ultrasurf is that you can put it on a USB drive and take it with you anywhere, to a coffee shop with public WiFi, or internet Cafe - this gives same freedom and anonymity Online without saving your private data.

The first time you run it, you'll need to choose a server to connect to, you have options to set like, Hiding the golden Lock, Starting Internet explorer (which is the default secure).

Here's a quick demonstration:
  • Visit  using - say, Firefox or Google chrome Browser that has not been configured to tunnel through ultrasurf. This reveals my Actual IP address
  • When i Run Ultrasurf and Visit from the default Ultrasurf browser(internet explorer) it shows an entirely Different IP address (See Image Below)
Ultra Surf OFF                                       Ultra Surf On
So what If Internet Explorer isn't your favourite Browser?

How to Set up Other Browsers to use UltraSurf Proxy

  1. FireFox: Menu >> Options >> Advanced >> Network tab >> Settings >> Use manual Proxy 
  2. Google Chrome: Menu >> Settings >> Show Advanced settings>> Network >> Lan Settings.
    (This should have already been configured by Ultrasurf when it is turned on.)

    The same Settings can be used to tunnel your download manager traffic via Ultra Surf.
    Set the proxy firewall rules to and Port: 9666
When You close off Ultra surf, it pops up an option to close the browser along with it.

WARNING: If your Boss has blocked, and X - rated Sites from the Office PC - It's Probably for a Good Reason. Using Ultrasurf in such situation can get you in Trouble.

Similar Proxy Tunneling software you can look-up: Freegate, Your-Freedom, Gpass etc

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