Sep 9, 2012

Glo Nigeria Mobile Internet, Blackberry Internet Data bundles, Prices and subscription codes

The Glo Nigeria website: is one confusing place to be if you're looking for the subscription codes and prices to activate Glo Nigeria Internet plan on USB Modem, blackberry and other mobile devices.

Apart from various Nollywood stars flashing their 32 sets of teeth(or less) because of the huge sums of money they've received for the adverts - There's really nothing an average subscriber / internet user will find useful unless you have the patience to dig dipper. Anyways lets get to the business of the day...
Here listed are updated Internet subscription codes and prices for Glo Network Mobile phones and blackberry users.

Glo Nigeria Mobile Internet Subscription and activation codes (For Smartphones / GPRS enabled)

Internet Plan        Price       Data Limit         Validity Period           Activation Code:

Instant Surf            N100         10MB                   24 hours                *127*51#  or SMS 51 to 127
One Week             N400         50MB                    7 days                  *127*52#  or SMS 52 to 127 
Always Micro        N1,000      200MB                30 days                  *127*53#  or  SMS 53 to 127
Always Macro       N3,000      1,024MB (1GB)  30 days                   *127*54#  or SMS 54 to 127

Before subscribing to any of the data bundles above, your mobile device must be correct configured with Glo GPRS settings. Here's a Post about Glo internet manual and OTA settings. 

Glo Nigeria Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Subscription price & activation codes:

BIS Package        BIS Price         BIS Validity Period          BIS Activation Code
BIS Day                  N300                   24 Hours                         Text  BISDAY to 777
BIS Week               N900                   7 days                             Text BISWEEK  to 777
BIS Month              N2,800                30 days                           Text BISMONTH to 777

Additional Information:  
To check Data Usage, Current subscription status and validity period - Text 'STATUS' to 777
If you need more help, contact Glo customer care on 333 or text HELP to 777

Glo Nigeria BlackBerry Complete Subscription Price and Activation

Package Name           Price           Validity Period         Activation Code
Complete Day               N100              24 hours                  Text  CoDay to 777  
Complete Week            N400              7 days                     Text  CoWeek to 777
Complete Month           N1,400           30 days                    Text  CoMonth to  777

Features: The Blackberry Complete plans comes with BBM, BBMail, BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps, Internet Browsing, App World and Option for 1 integrated email address.

Glo Nigeia Blackberry Social Subscription Price and Activation codes:

Package Name       Price           Validity Period         Activation Code
Social Day                N100               24 Hours             Text  SoDay to 777
Social Week             N400               7 days                  Text SoWeek to 777
Social Month           N1,200           30 days                 Text SoMonth to 777 

BBM, BBMail, BB-Built Social Networking Apps, Internet Browsing, App World 

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