Sep 17, 2012

Airtel Nigeria USB Internet Bundle Subscription prices and activation codes

Airtel Nigeria USB internet subscription and activation codes

To Surf the internet with Airtel Nigeria Network, you need two things:
  • A USB Internet Modem (Can be purchased from Any airtel shop near you)
  • An active Data Subscription (Listed below)
Advanced PC users can connect using their mobile smartphone as a modem. - If you need help with this, just Hola..

Airtel Nigeria USB Internet Bundle Subscription Rates, Prices and Activation codes

Plan duration                  Data Limit           Price                 Activation Code
24 hours                             150 MB               N500                *141*12*5#
Plus: 30 Days                      4608 MB            N5000               *141*12*1#
Max: 30 Days                     7680 MB            N8000               *141*12*2#
Premium: 30 Days               15360 MB          N15000             *141*12*3#
Weekend: 30 Days              4608  MB           N3000               *141*12*6#
Night: 30 Days                    4608 MB            N2500               *141*12*4#

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