Sep 11, 2012

2go Mobile Chat Messenger - Blackberry, HTC, Nokia Downloads and Manual settings

2go Mobile Chat messenger took the social networking circles by storm especially in Africa.
It has grown to become one of the most popular mobile chat messenger applications used by millions of youth around the world to connect with friends and family on any mobile device and PC that can Run JAVA software.

The application is light-weight, easy to use, has localized chat rooms and its compatibility across different mobile software operating system platforms like (Symbian, Java, Android) has gained it much deserved popularity in the social networking circle.
 Computer users can also run the PC version of 2go (I'll write about this soon)

How to register and Download 2go Mobile Messenger on your phone:
Using your phone's default Browser, Ovi browser or Opera -  Visit and enter the required Login / registration details (Phone number, country, username etc)
At completion of Registration or Login - Your mobile version will be automatically detected and a compatible version of 2go should Download and install.

How to use 2go on BlackBerry without BIS (Manual Configuration)
Blackberry Users might need to Set their Mobile network Operator Access point (APN) correctly before they can connect with 2go using WAP.
Note: 2go Mobile  chat messenger application connects to the internet through WAP (charges may apply because it does not connect via BIS)

Here's how to Setup your BlackBerry Access Point for WAP
From Your Blackberry device, navigate to: MENU>> OPTIONS>>ADVANCED>>TCP>> Check the APN box and enter your network APN (MTN - (etisalat - etisalat) (airtel - .. Save and restart 2go.
Note: Normal Internet Network rates may apply for WAP connection.

NEW UPDATE: 2go Now Works with BlackBerry BIS
In a recent Update By 2go for blackberry users, they made it possible for 2go to connect via your BIS internet plan instead of via Wap like the settings above showed. To get the new updated 2go for blackberry - Simply visit and download.

How to install  2go on HTC Windows Mobile and Manual Configurations
Not all versions of HTC is listed on the 2go download page, even after successful download, You still cannot connect on your HTC device? - Here's a FIX

Some HTC Windows Mobile do not have JAVA platform pre-installed, but have added support for "Third party Java Installation"  -

To install Java On HTC for .jad files you can download JBlend or Download JavaFX for HTC Windows Mobile.

Having HTC windows mobile connection problems on 2go?Here's the FIX:
Go to settings>>> click connections >>> click connections again >>> click add new modem connection and enter your mobile network manual settings. (All Mobile Network Manual Internet settings will be posted soon.)

Have other 2go related problems not mentioned here? Ask a question using the comment Box

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  1. Pls ♍Ɣ bb 9930 ΐ§ not connecting.itz suppose †̥☺ work wit ♍Ɣ bis but itz deductin 4rm ♍Ɣ acct,wat du I du

  2. Please my bb 9930 is not conecting, when I try downloading it gives me a direct download link instead of where to fill in my profile details,or select the version I want , what do I do

  3. @ Question1:
    Go to you Blackberry OPTIONS menu, Advanced >> TCP/IP or Network Settings.
    You should UNCHECK the box for ACCESS POINT.
    I also think you should get the latest version of 2go - it connects to BB data.

    Make sure you're trying to download using correct Phone number.
    the correct URL is
    Try using the Blackberry Default Browser (Not opera or UCWeb)

    If all these fail, Just get 2go Direct from this Link or search