Aug 30, 2012

What is Ask.Fm ?

For the past week or two, almost everyone on My twitter timeline has been answering weird and some hilarious questions sent to them via

I mistook the tweets for spam because the questions and answers looked as if they were specially designed to provoke comments and clicks on the link shown below all the tweet.

Pride wouldn't let me take a minute out of my busy schedule and type the web address into my browser until today. So at this point I guess it's safe to use the HashTag #LASTMA in relation to this post.(meaning I'm trying to catch a train that has already left the station.

So what is

Is it another yahooanswers wannaBe?
My attempts to access the ask FM websites ( failed last night - all i got is this error page: Error message

Also found a facebook App for - but when i tried to access it - i got this message:
Secure browsing is not supported.
This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS)
 I ain't about to turn off secure browsing for this... Well, atleast i tried.

Turns out; the website only works on my Opera Mobile Browser -
All other browsers on Mobile and PC shows the error above...

But if you already know how to use it, why not educate us - Comment.. what is all about.

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