Aug 31, 2012

Stingy Samsung Nigeria predict and win promo on Facebook -Chelsea V Atletico Madrid

Samsung Nigeria - Una stingy oh!
Other companies do promo and give away Airplanes, Cars, Houses - and all Samsung Nigeria gave to ONE winner out of thousands who tried is a Dual Sim Phone!

They said, the first person to correctly predict the outcome of the Football match between Chelsea and Athletico Madrid will win the Phone -

Predictions were made on the Samsung Nigeria Facebook page.. and i saw over 1000 predictions while writing this. So far the score is Chelsea 1 - Athelico Madrid - 4
Predictions ended since 6pm sha..

Any how.. they tried.. that phone is worth 18k or so.. i guess i expected more from them.
Abi the Apple $1 billion fine  for mutual patent lawsuit is affecting them already? lol

This is part of bigger Promo giving away T-shirts, keyring, wristbands, and umbrella when you Buy any Samsung Ch@t 322, Chat 222 or Samsung GALAXY POCKET - Register on E-warranty.

Here's the Post on how to Register your Samsung Product for E-Warranty and check if its Original

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