Aug 26, 2012

Proud Father - Chinedu Ikedieze(AKI) and Daughter (Picture)

The Nollywood star best known for his child-like movie roles that fit perfectly with his small stature has proof to show now that he is indeed a MAN!!!

I'm talking about Chinedu Ikedieze whose wife - Mrs Nneoma Ikedieze gave birth to a baby girl recently and here's a Picture of the Proud father and daughter..

 Father and Daughter

When y'all saw the headlines i bet 50% of people who clicked came to check if the Baby was "Like Him" in stature - Some even made comments relating to a DNA test to confirm that he's the father. Like WT EFF
I guess this is the price of fame.. People get to talk shii about your new Born baby girl and you can't do nothing about it.