Aug 26, 2012

Download Blogger App for iPhone / iPod Touch - Create, edit, publish

Traveled to my home town (Abonnema) this weekend for a marriage ceremony - no need to take the laptop along...

Had a few posts I wanted to share with you but my iPhone browsers (Safari, Opera, Google chrome) All failed to do the Job smoothly.

Apple App store claims to have an app for your every need - An app that will wake you up, make you tea and even drive you to work! So I decided to put this ridiculous theory to the test.

I searched the Apple App store for "Blogger App" - and I Found one and thought I'd share it with #TeamiPhone
iPhone Blogger App
The Official Blogger App for iPhone

This Official Blogger App also works on iPod Touch - here are some of its cool features:
  1. Multi Blog Seclection - If you have more than one Blog on your account
  2. Add Pictures to posts from Phone gallery or take a new snapshot
  3. Add labels to posts
  4. Add Location info via your phone's GPS system
  5. Draft or Publish: You have the option to post immediately or save as draft to post later.
  6. Shows a list of your Published posts and Posts in draft so you can edit any time.
The App is Only 1.2 MB and FREE to download on the iTunes App Store
Download Blogger App for iPhone / iPod Touch

There's a similar app on the blackberry App World but is not Officially made by Blogger
Has poor user ratings because all it really does it show you the exact desktop version of blogger dashboard..
- You're welcome to try it tho > Here

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