Aug 31, 2012

How to Register your Samsung Mobile Phone for E-Warranty Offer.

In an attempt to promote customer's satisfaction with their product and providing after sales services - Samsung is calling on all Nigerians to Register their Samsung Mobile / Smartphones via e-Warranty.
Samsung Nigeria E-Warranty Offer
This will ensure that you get swift professional and mostly FREE solutions to problems you might encounter in the future.

The have made the e-Warranty registration simple - By SMS and even giving away free gifts. - Here's what you have to do..
Buy any Samsung phone from an authorized distributor and Register on e-Warranty to qualify for a lucky dip to win an instant gift.

To qualify for the Lucky deep, Simply text:  REG*IMEI number*date of birth(dd/mm/mm)*sex#
or just the REG*IMEI number# to 20353

Example:  reg*352800311107671*070865*M#   to 20353
Or           REG*35841204922991#     to 20353  (on any network)

To Obtain your Phone's IMEI number Check under the phone's Battery or dial *#06#

To check if The Samsung Phone is genuine - Send SMS with the information:
Check *imei number# to 20353

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