Aug 23, 2012

How to Backup and Restore Blogger Template

Bloggers often make changes to their website template code. Always adding or improving a new function to either increase page speed, make their blogs more user friendly and beautiful.

The changes made are usually from tutorials found on the web written by some guy you don't even know, telling you to paste a code into your template. (lol ok i'm taking this too far)

What i'm trying to say is - Changes made to your blog can sometimes have negative effects and when CTRL Z cannot help you, a Restore can come to your rescue by uploading a backup you made before the change..

How to Backup / Restore Your Blogger Template

  1.  Log-in to the Blogger dashboard and Click the Template Tab
  2. Click Backup / Restore Button at the Top-Right corner of the page
  3. To perform a Backup, Click the "Download Full Template" option
  4. To perform a Restore of a downloaded Backup, Click the Browse option and upload the backup template.(See Image below).
    The Upload a Template Browse Button is also used to Install a Custom Blogger template

    Blogger template backup / restore
    Illustration of Blogger Template Backup / Restore

    Happy Blogging...

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