Aug 28, 2012

How i Removed Blog Name from All Post titles.

This As part of the series of Blogger Search Engine optimization (SEO) techniques I've been writing.
A new (re-branded) blog Like Ngbuzz Blog needs all the optimization it can get.
NOTE: This is for Default Blogger template users like me :p
If you have a custom template, I bet this is already done - except it was coded by a moron.

So today i shared my first post to Facebook / Twitter and discovered it had the Blog Title in the Post Title
Example:  Ngbuzz Blog: We Moved from Ngbuzz to
Other Posts indexed in search Engines also had the Name of the Blog included in the title.
According to the experts; Repeating your Blog title in every post is bad for SEO

I didn't want to remove my Blog title entirely from Dashboard >> Settings  - So i turned to google for help.
Here's what i found from a graphic design blog:

How to Remove Your Blogger Name from All Posts

  1. Login to the Blogger Dashboard and navigate to Template >> Edit HTML > Expand Widget
    Using CTRL + F, Search  <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
  2. Replace the code above with this one:
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
  3. Save changes Made.

    That's All
    I hope this helps someone.


  1. Does it take a few days to change on google or is it just that this trick doesn't work for me?^^

  2. It depends on how frequent Google bots crawl your content. I'd give it a week or two.
    You can see immediate changes when you share your new post on social media. The blog title won't be there