Aug 24, 2012

Features of the Blogger Default NavBar and How to remove it.

When a New Blog is created using the default templates provided by Blogger - A NavBar appears at the top of the Page by default.(This does not show in dynamic views template)

During Blog customization, The removal of NavBar is often the first edit that is done by most bloggers...
Is the removal of the NavBar considered a breach of terms and Condition? - NO
Why did i remove my NavBar? - I was trying to reduce size of page header.
Is the Navbar important? and what are some of its features? -

Blogger Navbar features include:
  • [B](The Blogger Logo): takes you back to
  • Search box: Searches the content of the blog you're viewing and posts the results directly on the page.
  • Share: Lets you share the blog you're viewing to social websites.
  • Report abuse: Found a blog violating Blogger Terms of Service, report it. If you don't see this link (ie, the blog may be using Dynamic Views, or has removed the NavBar).
  • NextBlog: Shows you a randomly selected Blog that has been updated recently.
  • [email address]: The shows the current Google email address signed in.
  • Dashboard: If you're signed in, this link will take you to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Sign In/Out: This displays the appropriate option, depending on whether you're signed in or not.
Blogger Default NavBar
How to Remove Blogger NavBar or change the Colour:
Unlike Most Blogger template edits which require you to add or remove code in the template - The  Navbar Can be Turned OFF from the Layout tab in Blogger Dashboard.

Click the "Edit" link on the Navbar page element and select Desired NavBar colour - Or Turn it OFF if you wish..

NOTE: The NavBar Leaves a Space at the Header of your page even while turned of.(almost unnoticeable)

Here's a Post i wrote about permanently removing the NavBar Excess space From Your blogger Header.

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