Aug 26, 2012

Creating a Simple Contact Form For Blogger with Google Docs

It's not really necessary to create a "Contact Us" Page for your Blog, but it has become a habit. Most bloggers simply add their email, phone number etc as their contact options, but not every visitor will use the email Me option.. Why? Because They're LAZY!!! lol

So why not make it easier for them by providing a Contact Form where they can write a few words and hit the Submit button. - That's what i did on Ngbuzz Blog, and here's How i did it.

Creating a Contact Form For Blogger - using Google Docs.
  1.  Login to the Blogger Dashboard and navigate to "Pages" -
    Create a new Blank Page with the title "Contact"(or whatever you like)
    Click Options on the Right Side and set your Compose Mode to Interpret typed HTML

  2. Login to with your google account. Click the Create Menu and select Form from the list

  3. Enter the form title (untilted Form Field), Sample Question1 (example: First and Last Name)
    Use the Pencil icon below to add new Fields for Subject, 
  4. In the Question Type option, Choose Paragraph (This will create a Box Big enough to accept users message.
  5. When done adding Email, Subject text fields and one Paragraph field.. Click SAVE at the top right corner... 
  6. Click More Options >> Embed
    This will provide you with an html iframe code similar to this: (Copy It)

    <iframe src="" width="760" height="889" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>

    NOTE: The width and Height can be adjusted (in Red) i had to reduce mine to about 550 so it could fit the template
  7. Copy the Code generated from step 6 and paste in your the "Contact" Page created in step 1.. Save and view changes.
    You now have a working Contact Form...

    To see messages sent to you via the contact form Go to and Click the name of the form.. (It appears in an excel worksheet)
    If you would like messages delivered to your email.. Click Tools in the excel worksheet >> Select "Notification Rules" -

    Mine Works.. Hope yours works too... If any of the steps isn't clear enough just ask in the comments

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