Aug 27, 2012

Bloggers: What's all the Fuss about Follow / NoFollow Links

The Blogosphere is crazy about Search engine optimization - That's a fact we all know. Daily, new methods to outshine each other and sit on the top spot exploited - Some work, others just do more harm.

Of all the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques bloggers / web publishers use, none has generated so much unnecessary noise as much as this Nofollow Vs. Follow debate.

What is Follow / NoFollow Attribute

Here's my attempt to understand what all the Fuse is about.
- The more sites that "Link-Back" to your content - The Higher you Page Rank(PR)
- The more sites that that link-back to a Post about certain keywords, the Higher that post appears on Google and other search engines. 

The Follow Attribute: if i mention  << I have just told Google crawlers that this link is of relevance to the topic and they should include it in index - More like giving it a Thumbs up.. A Push up the ladder of Page rank.
This is how Google is able to identify and show you Top ranking sites that have useful content you're looking for. The HTML version of the example Link will be something like this:

<a href="" title="Ida's Blog"></a>

The NoFollow Attribute: On the Flip side - Mentioning a Link on a page and setting NoFollow attribute means you don't want to help increase that site's rank, the content is not of any relevance to you and others, Or You're just stingy with Link Juice lol.
example of No follow link =
Here's the Raw HTML
<a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Apple Website"></a>

Scared of a little HTML code and wondering how you're going to remember all this: - Blogger's LINK button in compose mode already has a Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute you can choose to activate when posting links..

So it's really a Matter of Choice: It's Your Blog - you can decide to Link with or without Nofollow.
What About Links In Comments? - Spammers take advantage comments to post their links - that's why i have comment moderation On at all times.
I know that WordPress automatically sets all links in comments to NoFollow - And since Google recommends the use of NoFollow in comments, i bet its a default setting on Blogger
(which you can turn off with a little tweak). *Deep Sigh*

Oh Well.. I've exhausted the allocated brain juice on this subject - And i'm still sitting on the fence.
What do y'all think? - Do you use Follow / NoFollow in Post / Comments?

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