Aug 29, 2012

A Story Titled "How the Spider Died" - A Cure for bad day syndrome

What you're about to read is probably one of the most confusing piece of writing you've come across online or offline.
The author (Alee Pinky) is not and will not be held responsible for any temporary or permanent state of disorientation, confusion and other side effects this may cause.

Originally Posted at Ngbuzz Forum on the 22nd day of May, 2011 - It's still my personal cure for "Bad Day syndrome."
She's dieing to here your comments about her story, so drop a line or two..
- Here Goes:

It was a Sunny Sunday night, the birds were singing, the moon was shining an all seemed perfectly abnormal. I woke up from my Opened eye sleep only to discover that the spider was Gone!! Quickly I picked up the telephone and dialed 1800-kill-shark. But the driver did not tell me, so I jumped in the bicycle and drew the curtains close.

He was warned not to put it inside. I tried, I really tried hard but the spoon refused to bend or stick on my nose so before the electricity was turned on I chewed the gum, till the ants all passed by me.
Finally we arrived our destination only to discover that the fridge was working. I had to climb down the ceiling and hand the spider web over to him as evidence and the queen liked it.
He walked two steps forward, I turned left, after 10 minutes of silence it was all over.
And that is how the spider died.

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