Jan 21, 2012

NgBuzz.com IS SHUTTING Down!!! And YOU Caused IT - See Reasons why...

Ngbuzz Forum

Bloggers - You all agree that User participation on You site can Boost its popularity and income, The feedback you receive will also boost your moral to do more (not everyone is motivated by monthly Google Cheques) but when your visitors simply refuse to Register / Login or Even COMMENT - What do u do? FLOG THEM WITH KOBOKO??

YES - I'm whipping all of them - 20 strokes each!!
With this Drastic change - My Ngbuzz will No longer be accessible for GUEST viewing..
See the full Post of the Whipping I'm dishing out - and share your views about it.
(NOTE: This is not a Publicity Stunt.)

Read More about the Ngbuzz SHUTTING Down!!! Story and how You caused it.

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