Jan 11, 2012

How to add "READ MORE..." on Blogger (BlogSpot) Posts - SEO tips

It is common blogging practice to post Headlines and excerpts on the Homepage of blogs with links leading to the full article, this makes it easy for the reader to identify interesting posts worth reading and skip the others.

Posting Full content of your blog post on the home page may not be such a good idea if you update your blog often.. Thus the READ MORE feature was introduced by blogger in the Post Edit window.

Read More also has some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantage because it builds Internal links to posts on the blog. Using read more on the home page slightly reduces Page Bounce Rate because uses who visit the homepage will click READ MORE to complete the rest of the story.

How to Add Read More to Blogger Posts

While in Blogger Compose Mode, the icon of a Detached paper adds the read more line to your posts.
where the line appears will determine which part of the posts you want shown on the Home page.
See Picture below
How to add Read More to Blogger Posts

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