Sep 5, 2009


Yes We Are Back....

After 3-4 Months of inactivity due to my busy schedule on my new Job.. i was unable to keep up with happenings in the FBT / Tech world.

I asked other like minds to contribute but, i guess they were busy too.
This Post is to let you all know that i'm back. check back regularly for updates and be sure to subscribe.
Once again i apologize to you all who pm'ed me and i was unable to respond at the moment..
Remember to keep them comments, suggestions/ contributions coming.
P.S Soki Briggs


  1. welcome back dawg. I was trying to keep the blood flowing on my blog:, and I think them readers were loving it.

    Thanks to God you've bounced back, we all thought that you were cting on some kind of strict warning to stop the game. WELCOME BACK!!!

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  2. I just did a post on my blog with a link to, mentioning your bounce back (you might want to ,read it here). expect to see my readers coming in. Nice blog here with useful information....just grabbed a subscription, and think every one should do same.

    keep it coming soki!!!