Jan 2, 2009


Recently a lot of unnecessary Hype has been raised about Freedom software, speeds, servers, account upgrades and more, this forced some so called gurus into further research, some came up with interesting discoveries that rocked, others have either decided to keep thier discoveries to themsleves or are yet to Let it known to all.

After enjoying the TOTAL package which was a Great revelation from the Book Of "DUAL CORE" chapter 124 Verse Nairaland, i decided to POKE around a little and here's what i discovered.
NOTE: this topic will be useful if you already use your freedom for free internet access, If all these look a bit strange, Please refer to sub-topics in 2008 which addressed questions on how you can access the net free of charge using freedom.


Normally you would configure your applications to use the Your Freedom client as web or SOCKS proxy. There are cases where this doesn't work, for example if the application does not support it. Often, "socksifiers" help in these cases but sometimes they fail as well.
Wouldn't it be a lot simpler if nothing had to be configured at all and everything simply worked? Well, that's what "OpenVPN" mode is all about! It transparently tunnels your application traffic through the Your Freedom client, without your applications knowing.

I could not find a better topic to describe my Latest discovery so thats it that above. Usually after configuring Your freedom, you will still need to set IE, FF, YIM and other applications to use Freedom's Proxy which is :8080, but with this new style, you do not have to setup any application to use all your applications will automatically connect through freedom.

The only other thing needed is "OpenVPN", which is free software available for download. CLICK HERE to download

Install OpenVPN
Once it's installed, click on "Start", "Control Panel", "Network connections". Find the TAP-WIN32 interface, right-click on it and choose "Properties". In the protocol list, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)", highlight it and click on "Properties". Use a manually configured DNS server: If you feel like having two of them, use as the second but it's not needed. Click all the OK buttons to close the windows. That's all the configuration you need, you don't have to mess with the slightly cryptic internals of OpenVPN, the Your Freedom client will do this for you.

Enable OpenVPN in Your Freedom
Now start the Your Freedom client. Click on the Ports panel. Under "Local Services", find "OpenVPN mode" and enable it. The port number should be 1194 unless you have to change it -- in fact it can be nearly anything between 1024 and 65535 but 1194 is the default and usually fine.

That's it!
You should be done now! Start the Your Freedom connection and watch the door symbol. It should open as it normally does, but a few seconds later it should open further. Check out the message log, it tells you when OpenVPN is ready or if there is any problem.
Now be sure that your applications do not use a configured web proxy or SOCKS server other than the Your Freedom client. I say other than the Your Freedom client because it doesn't matter if they use it -- they just don't have to anymore. Also, do not use any socksifiers. Install and run your games and applications just like you were at home with a DSL or cable router connecting you to the Internet.

Windows Vista
With Windows Vista there is more work to be done. Fortunately, Microsoft has started with Vista to care more about your safety than they have with older Windows versions. Unfortunately, this breaks OpenVPN mode unless you grant admin privileges to the Your Freedom client so it can pass them on to OpenVPN (with older Windows versions the YF client would inherit the privileges automatically from your account). There are two ways to achieve this:
Run the YF client by right-clicking on the icon and choosing "Run as administrator" each time.
Modify the start menu and/or desktop links by right-clicking on each of them. Choose "Properties", then click on "Compatibility" and tick the "run as administrator" check-box.
It's a matter of taste which method you use. The second method is a once-and-for-all method and we recommend it.
With Vista it is also important that you do not stop and re-start the connection too quickly. Give it a few seconds to settle after you've stopped the connection or OpeNVPN might not come up properly.
source: www.your-freedom.net
Your thank You, comments, questions are welcome


  1. Is the connection for High speed internet? I need the latest free browsing configuration, please help me if you have. Thank you

  2. Clearly you have not done your home work. Please read the topics under Archive 2008 you will find all you are looking for

  3. Boss, have tried to download the openVPN severally but it keep stopping at a particular point, can u please review the file.
    thank you

  4. Downloaded & installed Open VPN...
    WOrks fine...
    Streams videos like "WOW".
    Kudos 2 Soki!

  5. Thanks to you Soki, The open VPN is something else. Very active.

  6. Soki, we have a lot to do together, I will call you on phone to let you know.

  7. I have done Everything, but cant still connect pls I need the step by step config

  8. I hope its not Vista..? Well contact me for that then

  9. In my openvpn settings how do i configure dat?can i get ur number

  10. i have installed the openvpn but my yahoo messenger can still sign in but am using vista pls what else can i do and i use to run my your-freedom as administrator and also my yahoo messenger and it doesn't connect pls help me out

  11. guy the stuff no dey work jare

  12. Jibola Follow the instruction to the letter as stated above. And here's a tip yahoomessenger 6.0 has proven to be more efficient when using your phone as a modem. You can get it at www.oldversion.com

    Anonymous who said it doesn't work, want a screen shot? or a tutorial? lol

  13. Please what version of yahoo messenger and msn messenger can i use , i am using an openvpn on Multilinks network... yahoo messenger is not working .. please what can i do