Jan 17, 2009

Another HIT by the yhello Boys!!!

This is not actually an update, but kind of like a public notice to all so i can stop recieving requests for mtn settings.
Yesterday (Friday) at about 2 pm, The yhello boys succeeded (again) in closing another one of thier several loop holes, despite the hidden nature of this new one. This goes on to show that "They " are amongst us and even go the extra mile to buy new cheats from us.
I hate challenges though i know i'll always come out victorious, but this particular challenge is something else. Currently, i'm digging deeper into the mtn host address, which i think is under going some wicked redirections which do not favour the freedom/opera servers

I have switched all my paying customers to zain because the complain on freedom was just getting to much, so i suggest you do the same and continue enjoying FBT.

You might have noticed that this blog does not contain contents relating to GLO, well thats because i cannot claim to have what i do not have, the truth is, I didn't have a glo line, but i have been updated by "Honsule" on glo FBT, and i cannot not yet verify the update as i'm yet to activate my new glo line.

Before you begin to ask about zain settings. Please it has been posted on this site, for new commers, please do well to click on the 2008 archieves on your right and you will see topics under it relating to zain/gpass connections. For others looking for alternatives, get gpass 3.4.4 from internetfreedom.org, I hear gtunnel also works fine. YF which used to work perfectly on the zain network, is not connecting for now. But if you run your gpass 3.4.4 and also run YF with as your proxy in YF proxy tab, YF will connect through gpass, and then you can also run your VPN and firedown YF as usual. Or you can just use gpass alone if you don't want to go through all that process


  1. just dont know bt i'll give itup 2 u guys!! dont u think dat dis browsing's s'pposed 2 b free? i'm tinkin abt 5 years 4rm, an act wuld b passed into law advocating 4 internet 2 remain free. at least we pay 4 calls, abi no b so? Big ups, thumbs up, great job u guys r doing

  2. so soki wats the glo setting that honsoule gav to you? cant we hav it? pls i think i prefare it. thanks 4 being there. u too much.

  3. @ kay.. An act advocating freebrowsing?? lol now where in the world has that happened?? Rather prefer hotspots to spring up every where like its now doing in Universities and Polys..

    As for the Glo settings, i said i'm yet to confirm it, so can't say nothing about it yet. Still trying to activate my line, I suggest u do the same and hold on tight if you have been activated already