Dec 14, 2008

Zain wap Updates

UPDATE: 30th Dec 9:32 PM

I guess by now many if not all, have known how to setup freedom on MTN, the same style will be applied to zain, If you do not know how to set up your freedom Please refer to the topic "MTN ON PC FULL.. FREEDOM" at the achieves (by your right) where a step by step guide has been posted, thus this zain wap freedom configuration below shows only 2 sections which require different setup from that of MTN.

1. click on "configure", the server address ranges from 01-19 so make your choice, I use protocol type: HTTPS = 443
NOTE: the "@" trick is not required for zain wap.
2. click on "Proxy settings"
Proxy address:
Proxy Port: 8080
username: wap or mms
password: wap or mms
NOTE: use either wap or mms. But i prefer mms. if it fails to connect, try wap. you might also want to try connecting without any username or password.

Update: 17th Dec 4:41 PM

Nairalanders who forced me to remove the zain wap on pc posted earlier have finally decided to give it out free.. so ENjoy....

This (bellow) was posted by "Initialize".. Don't disturb Him oh, contact me if you have any problems connecting, I'll give you the solution.

Quote; Initialize

Let me start by posting my own discoveries.For zain on pc: 1. Download gpass or gtunnel. 2. On your pc goto control panel, click on modem option. 3. Select your active modem(that was initially configured for zain mms). In the additional box change the to 4. Go to your network connection and dial on the modem(zain). 5. Once your modem is connected open either the gpass or gtunnel and you're ready to go.Additionals: if your gpass doesn't connect auto. Click on the refresh button until you have a connection and then server speed is displayed or IE opens automatically. If your IE. 6. If your IE doesn't open a page, on IE click on tool menu and select internet option, then click on connectn tab and change your ip to localhost and your port to either 8000 or 8081. You pc browsing is ready to go. It works best with firefox

Let me add to this... If your gpass still refuses to connect .. Click on options>>LAN>>Choose "Use a lan Proxy to connect..." HTTP mode.. and apply...after making changes please restart gpass..
To use applications like Yahoomessenger, Marketiva etc on gpass, Simply Drag and Drop the icons inside gpass..
Note: All you network must go through Gpass, I.e Open Internet explorer, yahoomessenger, and any thing you want to connect to the internet through gpass (By double clicking the icons in gpass)...

Update: dec. 16th
There was a little tension last night when the wap apn refused to connect.. But sources say it was just a temporary Network Glitch, It was rectified by 8 AM this morning.. Put your fears to rest, they're not trying anything funny.. Besides If you have your Back up Plan (alternative) You wont be afraid
First Update:
Fellas, As you all know, zain mms is no more, it has left a lot of people who are now in love with free internet access stranded in the middle of the ocean. Well here comes your life saver.

I've got just the solution you need to continue on your free browsing Journey. If you have not yet joined the free browsing team, what are you waiting for... contact me let me put you on board details remain same as above


  1. brother, please drop it here as you did with other... any way any one wey de find better thing must find am... i'll mail you sha... you too much.

  2. I dropped it here too nah.. But i was Urged by some guys to remove it so network providers don't block it..So i did.. But i still give it out privately, At a Token.. Very Cheap (trust me)

  3. Ok... Due to popular demand and too many mails to respond to.. I have finally dropped it.. Holla back

  4. i am really impressed with your packages this information are very useful to me thanks we need more of this incase this one is terminated. God forbid

  5. i am really impressed with your packages this information are very useful to me thanks we need more of this incase this one is terminated. God forbid

  6. Is tiere a way i can also browse4free am in gh am using zain my ip is my port is 9401 and apn is wap.pls help me email ad is my no. 00233262523134

  7. zain free browsing on opera 2.06 is da bomb; it'd flawless...and i'm now boosting the speed on my lappy with Propel Accelerator for Broadband software v6.1.6.1106... wicked!