Dec 17, 2008


There's more to the computer than just mouse clicks and gestures. Lets face it, those who use keyboard shortcuts are seen as "Gurus" in the eyes of a novice.. And they always ask "How did you do that", i tell them but they will forget tomorow.

Want to be mistaken for a computer guru? lol or you just forgot some cool shortcuts? well here's a reminder

- Windows key + D - shows the desktop
- Windows key + M - minimizes all open windows
- Windows key + Shift + M - maximizes all open windows
- Windows key + E - Runs Windows Explorer
- Windows key + R - shows the RUN dialog
- Windows key + F - shows Search window
- Windows key + Break - shows System Properties box
- Windows key + TAB - Go through taskbar applications
- Windows key + PAUSE Display the System Properties dialog box
- Windows key + U Open Utility Manager
- ALT + TAB - Cycle through opened applications
- Hold down CTRL while dragging an item to Copy it
- CTRL + ESC Display the Start menu
- ALT + ENTER View the properties for the selected item
- F4 key Display the Address bar list in My Computer
- CTRL + ALT +DELETE Displays the task manager which enables you monitor processes currently running on your system, monitor network traffic, stop unresponsive programs and options to shutdown, hybernate and put your system in stand by mode.
- CTRL + ENTER adds www. and .com to the begining and end of a web address typed. e.g type google then CTRL + ENTER, It becomes

I know there are others so i'll let you the "guru" add more to this endless list of useful keyboard shortcuts.If you know any that has not been posted here, inform us by clicking on Comment.

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