Dec 13, 2008

GMAIL FOR EVER..Yahoo for Junk mail And chat

Recently a debate heated up between me and my friends, they are so in Love with yahoo that they have been blinded up to the point that they can't recognise some thing better than yahoo when they see it.

I guess what made gmail so special was the Invitation needed before you can signup, but now that is no more.. anyone and every one can just sign up..
I tried, but there was no way i could successfully convince them that gmail is Da BomB, in every aspect you want to look at it...
The yahoomail better they launched can't even compare with gmail, as many users who tried it have gone back to the normal slow yahoo...
so i still stand my grounds here.. And let me see how you can prove me wrong.. Advantages/disadvantages should be included..


  1. hmmm... who says? so far, as for me, gmail is doing better. it is faster to access mails. it opens like magic without wasting time. yahoo is the contrary. it loads as if it is downloading heaven to earth. I feel comfortable using google mail and this has being since the day i started using gmail... it is and shall always be my most preferred.

  2. hhahh.. Cracked me up with that one.."downloading heaven to earth"