Dec 14, 2008

Free Internet access via MTN On Mobile Phone Using Opera 2.06

If Nepa Abi Power Holding do thier worst, or you are in a boring meeting, or better still want to download all the mp3's, videos and softwares from mobile sites like, etc.. Or you just want to stay in constant touch with that special someone even when u dont have credit..

With Opera mini mod 2.06, or 3.10 and other versions, all these can be made possible, you get the world in the palm of your hand.

I know I'm begining to sound like a desperate marketer, so i'll stop the advertising and let you figure out the features and uses of the internet on your mobile phone.

All Hell Broke loose when the porpular loaded and music thricks stopped functioning, some people have not been able to come back online since that thrick stopped.
Here's a not so new one.
different phones have different setup procedure, but in general you will need these settings bellow

phone C0nfigurations
connection name: mtn wap
port: 8080
username: web
password: web
Access Point:

if you already have opera 2.06 or 3.10 good... If you dont have it.. here's the download link

Opera 2.06 configuration
Press #8 from ur opera screen or go to menu>>tools>>network>>
shadow - (dont touch)
timeout - (THICKED)
Advanced - (Not Thicked)
proxy -
port -8080
Opera server:
UNCHECK the Box Bellow (I mean the "reset at error box")
save.. and let the unlimited mobile internet access begin or continue...
Make sure you choose the MTN WAP profile you created when Opera ask which to connect to..
Leave your comments and querries bellow


  1. Nice work brother... please let me use this medium to ask this. The Opera 3.10 opera server is different from opera 2.06. Does same procedure apply to both? i.e. adding in front of the server? thanks

  2. Yeah sure...You are free to experiment and see ur self

  3. pls tell me on how to watch free dstv station free on a pc