Dec 16, 2008

Downloading With Your Mobile Phone.. Tips...

UPDATE: 18 DEC 4:00 pm
After much Research and promise, I found out there's still no solution to downloading on zain wap using this new settings...

The APN that was set in opera server is the problem. And No other settings will browse for free. you will agree with me that putting zain apn inside opera server is kind of odd for a setting. So, the research continues until one of us gets a break through.. If you like sit-down dey look.

Please experiment with 8080 or other proxies like : 80 : 3128 : 80 and others if you can find a replacement for the operaserver address which is currently to maybe proxy@opera's original 80 server.. then downloads don start be that..
comments... comments.. comments..

You now have access to the internet on your mobile, Great.. You tried to download but always get errors. Lets see if this will help you.

Note: Its not all Phones that download ohhh.. And not all settings enable you download too..

Downloading Using MTN @ Thrick

Downloads work best on Nokia s60 phones, and higher versions like Nseries, sony erricson etc.
I use a motorola L6 that does not have Mcard slot, So downloading is IMPOSSIBLE for me, therefore before you begin to try these tips below make sure you have a download compatible phone (a phone that can download).

I assume that by now opera on mobile users should know this but for the benefit of newbies.. when you click download You have to edit the download address from E.g to
then click "save as" to choose your download destination C: or E: and what folder.. music downloads should be in music folder softwares in others folder etc. when you reach the destination folder, choose option and "save here".

s60's -
You know your phone better so try and use your number six to find these steps useful to you.
Opera (2.06) usually goes through an installation process on s60, and there is a warning telling you that its not a signed application. The meaning of that warning is that you phone does not trust that software (opera) and therefore will not grant it full access to the resources of your phone like network access, phone/Chip memory to save or edit data and others, that is why it always asks for your permission before the application (opera) can perform any task like accessing network and accessing memory. Enough talk i to De koko

Step 1. - Go to you Application manager (where you usually Uninstall applications from your phone) and look for you application (opera).

Spet 2. - Choose options>> then settings (abi suit settings) you will see Network access, Messaging, Add/Edit user data, etc

Step 3. Network access should be set to "Ask once" Messaging.. "Ask once" Add/edit User data "Always ask" or "ask once".

NOTE: Mtn is currently blocking downloads from certain sites because i tried downloading from No way.. but downloaded sharp sharp.

Other phones
There's another catigory of phones that do not Install Opera.. They just Open it automatically without any installation like s60, i would have mentioned some but i'm not good at remembering Nokia phone models, but you should know if your phone falls into this catigory or not, because the steps 1-3 that are found in s60 application manager will be found on you phone by Choosing "option" from the Opera Icon>> and App Permision. Nokia flip, Sony erricson, some motorolas etc.
NOTE: Don't Open the Opera, Just choose option>>APP Access (Permission) then follow steps 1-3 above.

Downloads On zain Mobile
Since zain doesn't use any @ thrick you should be able to download depending on the IP you use and after you must have followed steps 1-3 above.
zain mms was the bomb at downloads but this zain wap selects IP's so...

ADVICE: If you have a PC or Lappy Dont suffer your phone with downloads.. just do Phone to PC connection (I can help you with it) and do all ur downloads... Comments, corrections, additions and questions are welcome..Just click "Comment"


  1. Thanks for the details

  2. hello friends i have been using my phone as a modem to browse .the network is zain but i always buy credit and i would like to know if there is any help you guys can give there any software that i can use to browse free or any configurations that i must do? plz help me...i am nais

  3. the os of my computer is window7, your freedom software does not says its not avalid f32 file. how do i go about this?