Dec 13, 2008

Blogging.. Kini Big Deal??

A lot has been said about blogging, different definitions and meanings are given to the word "blogging", some correct, others wrong..

I simply understand it to be Spilling the guts of a particular topic or
issue, and sometime not giving a Eff what others think about it.

And that's exactly what i Intend to do with this share of the big pie called the internet, Issues will be discussed ranging from "God Know what" to "Whatever".. I know I'm not making sense right now, but call this an Introduction to Better things to come... to some people its just a way of letting off steam, telling everyone who doesn't care to read what you feel, know, or do..
I haven't told you my reason for blogging yet, Its suppose to be my secret, but a lot of bloggers do it for just the same reason I'm doing it. Its not to get fame or popularity. If you want to know why I'm blogging, just ask me..
blogging, The Journey Begins..

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